Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Double dog dare!

Beth, Marco and Pig  received a challenge.
That brat Margery Fennel said,
"I double dog dare you to ding dong ditch the old haunted house on Craggle Street! Bet you won't!"
She cackled as she sucked on her giant jawbreaker. Gross.

Backing out of a double dog dare from Margery Fennel was not an option.
So they slowly walked to Craggle Street, hearts in their throats, when they saw the house--
black, with two chimney stacks on top that looked like horns of a giant beast.
"Beth said with a shaky voice, "It's just a house."
"Yeah, this is a cinch." Marco said, wrapping his ghost sheet around him for comfort.
Pig just stood there frozen.
They walked closer to the front gate, when the pitch black of the beastly house opened an eye,
someone had turned on a light!

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  1. LOVE this , it is exaclty what you should be doing!!! More please!