Thursday, November 24, 2011


     This last Sunday, I joined the band of arts and craftsmen at the Encinitas Arts & Crafts Faire,  and I can tell you it was a blast!
Ms. Mysterioso's first booth
Julie and Kate showed up at 6am from Long Beach to help me! So blessed to have amazing friends!
Lollipop gift tags
My ever constant reminder that I am one of the luckiest people around was tapping me on the shoulder all day long. Friends and family came out to support me in droves and I met some very interesting and fabulously strange folks throughout my day as I manned my booth of illustrations and and a hodge podge of glittery things to sell.
    One woman came in to talk about how it took three times for her hair to be straightened and actually stay straightened. She talked at my friend Julie and I for ten minutes, said her piece and walked away.
I understand, sometimes one has to vent about bad hair days.
I learned a lot that day. Besides how one straightens one hair. One lesson that was most clear that day was that I have to get better at selling. For instance:
When a customer came up to my booth and said they would like to buy a print I actually said, "Really?!"
Not a great marketer, to say the least.
I got better by the end of the day, but I have to admit my stomach would give a little flip every time I sold something-- A little shocked and happily surprised.
Christmas cards. 'Santa is comin' to town...You've been warned.'
Wine tags
I am definitely going back to my little booth in the Spring, manned with new found knowledge and more glittery things!

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