Saturday, March 12, 2011

3:30am and blossomed

Dreams! Whoa!
On a stage covered in soil, in a park with long, I'm talking LONG knitted socks on my feet that climbed up to me knees.They were of many colors, like Joseph's coat, and the toes were planted in the ground like tulips.
I couldn't move.
 I had a following of folks who thought I was fairly interesting because I had rainbow socks planted in the ground. One girl had gone as far as to plant her own socks in the ground. She had been my neighbor for a year and I still wasn't sure why she had planted her booties in the ground, but I was happy for the companionship. Then one day a man came up to me and my planted companion and said,
"Move. You've blossomed."
My friend and I looked at each other and she shook her head no. She shook it so slowly that it looked like she was trying to screw it off her neck.
I looked at the man and he nodded. I shifted my feet back and forth and the ground started to crack underneath me. I looked down and the soil parted revealing a wooden stage. My socks were punctured through the stage taking on the shape of old tree roots that tear up sidewalks. I shifted again and the stage splintered and broke open. Underneath were a crowd of people holding on to my socks. When they saw me they screamed with so much rage I thought my ears would burst. I pulled up with my feet--hard and desperate now trying to get free. They yanked and clawed, and I pulled and pulled, but I couldn't do it. I couldn't get free.
Then my planted companion leaned over to me and said,
"just take off the socks."
The idea seemed impossible to me.
But I grabbed the top of one sock and pulled down. The edge was sticky and felt like rubber cement. Residue and dirt stuck to my leg as I pulled off the sock, my legs stained with color from the dye of the wool, but then, I was free. Simple.
Then I woke up...dang! I don't know who the man was or my planted companion, but I am ever so grateful to them for pulling me out of the ground.

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