Tuesday, March 15, 2011

An Arty Taste Test

Need your opinion lovelies.
Starting a series with pictures of strange small children that live in a haunted mansion together. Each one has a gift and a personality very unique to them and will be named accordingly. Might turn this series into dark alphabet illustrations, but we'll see what you all think first.
This first set of pictures is a about a boy named Monroe, who likes everything just so.
Just So Monroe. 
Which do you like best? Comment please, feel free.

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  1. I think the 1st one he looks dark & mischievous and the 2nd one seems much more proper. That's just my humble opinion! Love your drawings!!

  2. yikes...it reminds me of the persona that we present, only to hide what truly is in our hearts...the perfect little boy is not as he seems...

  3. Monroe 1 looks like a thoughtful, slightly evil young man. Monroe 2 with uneven eyes looks like a simple young man ---perhaps with a drink or two in him...and if he's evil I'm ascared of him most of all.

  4. i love both of them, but i find Green Monroe to seem like more of a brat...it's the eyelids. Not somebody i might root for. Myself; i like Yellow Monroe, but that's just my preference. He seems like he can have his OCD about being "just so" -- yet still have an inviting personality that isn't in any way snarky. Love 'em both tho!! Perhaps he's MEANT to be a tad snarky..? :o)

  5. I like #2 better. He looks nicer than the first one, which has something scary going on. Monroe 2 looks friendly and likeable. I feel like I need to keep an eye on #1.

  6. My opinion is the first one, but add the single tooth. Reason being... the first one I think has him appearing to be more mischevious with a darker side, and that's where it stops. But adding the tooth would lighten him up by adding a fun, humorous dimension to the character while still keeping him ominous. I feel that could make him more interesting.

  7. definitely something more mischievous in the first one. I'm kinda liking that about him. It makes me wonder and want to learn more.

  8. I like them both a lot, but LOVE the first! I agree with Mr. Hebler... keep the tooth!
    PS- YOu're AmaZinG!!!