Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Naughty and Nice

Okay, so my bff, Kaefer, suggested I do a series of diptychs to sell on Etsy. I love this idea because it has a theme and a structure, and sounds like something I would like to hang up on my condo walls.
Side note: Even though I am an artsy fartsy type, I function better with a smidge of structure.  When I'm free-wheelin' I'm a nut and get absolutely nothing done.
I have begun the process of sketching different themes. First will be Naughty and Nice. Pretty obvious, I know, but it's turning the brain in a good, creative direction.
Here are the very first rough sketches....
Nice and Naughty
 Let's see what happens next...A mystery oooooh ahhhhhhhhhh;)

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